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"With all the stress and uncertainty over the past 2 years we wanted to introduce a new type of event that would be focused on wellness, and helping restore calm and balance to fellow musicians.  Chaya was asked to lead the sound bath meditation portion of our event.  She was wonderful to work with as we developed the event together.  Chaya provided her knowledge and experience with crystal bowls, and other sound instruments that guided the creation of the event.  The night of, she led a wonderful meditation using the instruments and her beautiful voice that left everyone feeling relaxed and restored.  It was a pleasure to work with her, and we are looking forward to our next event!"

~Mike Kuzan The Latest Noise

"I've worked with great sound healers, but Chaya is unique in the great energy, intentionality, and high quality presentation she brings to every gathering. Her variety of instrument offerings is second to none." 

~Rabbi Daniel Bortz

“Chaya offered such an elegant element to the evening. Her calming, centered presence served as a perfect channel for the sound healing to reach everyone in the room. I left feeling grounded, aligned and centered, and would recommend her talents!”

~Alexa Eden

“Chaya was amazing with focusing her energy and sound towards the group and participants. I absolutely felt relaxed and was able to reduce anxiety from thoughts that came up and passed smoothly because of the sounds generated during the session. Thank you Chaya!”




"Knowledge speaks,

but wisdom listens.” 

~Jimi Hendrix


“Chaya’s natural and easy way with our kids has inspired them to truly connect with and appreciate the beauty of music. Thank you for partnering with us in giving them one of life’s greatest gifts - the ability to step away from all the other noise and stimulants in their days, and tune into the soothing sounds of music.” 

~Yael R.

“My child attended various music classes with Chaya from 1-2 years old.  Chaya's warmth and love of music is infectious, and my daughter lit up every time we were there. In a time during COVID where there were very few classes/events for my young child, I will always be grateful for the classes she was able to take with Chaya. They truly were the highlight of our week.” 

~Kaylie S.


“Music with Morah ("teacher") Chaya was the highlight of our week!  She incorporated different types of music and movement and really made it interactive and fun. Even after the class ended, my 2.5 year old would sing the songs and play "music class" with instruments at home. We have attended many toddler music classes, and Morah Chaya's was special.”

~Emily W.


“Chaya’s music class was always so warm and inviting. My shy three year old loved going to music class each week - to sing different songs, try different instruments and see Chaya. She always engaged each child, and made everyone feel welcome. It was always something to look forward to!”

~Sara L.

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