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Chaya Glaser is a certified sound healing and meditation practitioner, music educator and musician. Informed by her Orff Schulwerk training, she has over 15 years of music education experience, exploring sound and music as a universal language. It begins with the rhythm of our heartbeat.


"Chai" means"life" in Hebrew, and is also Chaya's namesake. It is through breath that beings are given soul and life. 

My Story

Born into a family of musicians along the Southern California coast, Chaya was always sensitive to sound and waves. Immersed in family singalongs with her parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and her sisters, she values the beauty of creating and instilling harmony within and with others.


She studied classical piano and English Literature, and was naturally drawn to start a band with her sisters, where they write and perform original Americana/Folk music together.

Chaya has taught music for over 15 years, developed curriculum, and mentored colleagues in both New York and San Diego. For over a decade, she worked at Ramaz Lower School in Manhattan where she introduced and implemented the Orff Schulwerk curriculum.


Informed by the Orff method of music education, she wanted to delve deeper. This led her on a journey to Bali where she studied traditional Gamelan music (the roots of Orff Schulwerk), at the Cudamani Institute.


Playing thick, metal, barred gangsa instruments daily for hours at a time profoundly affected her. She felt the vibrations resonate through her body, bones and soul, and wanted to explore what was happening on both a scientific and spiritual level. It was in Bali where she also experienced her first sound meditation session. 

Chaya received her Sound Healing Certification at the Sage Academy of Sound, in New York, and an Integrative Sound Healing Certification  (accredited by AHNA) from Sacred Sound of the Soul in Encinitas, California. She now leads sound baths and meditation sessions, holding space in a variety of environments for groups and private sessions.

Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer in sound healing writes simply, that “we all can hum…if you have a voice, you can hum”. Your hum is your portable, unique fundamental healing device.

Continually learning from my teachers and those around me, I look forward to holding space for you, and helping you find healing and peace with your individual hum. Your vibrational sound. We are sound. 

Chaya is grateful to her teachers, including Lea Garnier, Dr. John Beaulieu, John Medeski, Wha!, Artur Papazian, Ella Kargman, and her teachers at Cudamani, for their wisdom and generosity of spirit along this journey.

“Listen to the waves of sound within you."


© 2022 Chai Sound LLC by Chaya Glaser

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